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Feb 6, 2013 12:00pm PST
domestic issues like lowering taxes and affordable housing and all that kind of stuff. an interesting thing to watch. i think the israel trip for the president accomplishes a couple of things. one, the announcement boosts the chuck hagel nomination. it's saying i'm going there. i know i didn't make it to israel in my first four years of office, but i'm going. if you are reading into this nomination, don't. it rubber stamps john kerry as secretary of state. john kerry wants to make the israeli and little east process a big part of his agenda. obama's way of saying i'm taking that message and just nominated this guy and i am taking john kerry with me in spirit. for us in terms of policy, it probably has less to do with israel and the palestinians and more to do on our end with syria, egypt, iran and seeing what we can flush out in terms of three different theaters. there is a lot on. agenda and does a lot of things. >> my read on the rational behind obama going-over there, i read it more as a triumphant move. >> a victory lap? >> if you look how netanyahu expected the last few months to play
Feb 1, 2013 3:00pm EST
to you both. we did not extend the payroll tax this past year. what affect in the numbers from that? >> well, it is a little soon to really figure that out. i mean, it is true now that you mention it that the 157 in january is significantly off the pace of job creation in november and december. >> right. >> but i am quite certain that, you know, taking over 100 billion out of the 2013 economy already a bit wobbly by my lights is going to cost us on the growth and jobs side. >> yeah. one of the telling things was that in december there was a big jump in personal income because of people getting bonuses early and things like that. but spending didn't go up very much. and economists are expecting weak retail numbers for january. i think it's the seasonal adjustment factors again. my feeling is to see a drag in the third quarter. excuse me, the first quarter. and then have to be carried by the recovery of government spending because i don't think we have another drag on the economy from government spending in the first quarter. >> look. the moral of all of this actually and the context
Feb 7, 2013 12:00pm PST
respect it very much. i want to go the earned income tax credit, to the enhanced interrogation techniques. i'm for both. not for the second. >> no, you're not. >> for the first. you talk about the 6,000 pages. what i want to say and if the second round comes, i will. i will pour out my frustration of the sen federal intelligence agency and dealing with dealing with various administrations about trying to get information. why was it that they felt that we were so unworthy of being trusted? why was it they were willing to talk to pat roberts, me or sax xi chambliss and dianne feinstein and not anybody else until we literally bludgeoned in to agreeing to include everybody? like carl levin's not trustworthy? you know, it is amazing. i pursued dianne feinstein's point about staff. when you go and you have under the previous administration a briefing with the president, the vice president, under the head of the cia, others, you're not allowed to -- i can remember driving with pat roberts when he was chairman and i was vice chairman. we weren't allowed to talk to each other. driving u
Feb 5, 2013 12:00pm PST
the air is they view the president's health care law as a form of a tax increase as the supreme court in a sense said it was. they think they got taken to the cleaners by the president. the progressives don't think that. most conservatives think they got taken to the cleaner by the president on the debt ceiling thing where tax -- income taxes raised on individuals over $400,000. they're not going to be in any kind of mood to accept any kind of, quote, revenue raisers, unquote. right now, or any time soon. i think what's going to be happening is you have a series of three different trip wires. you have the su quester. you have the end of the later budget and then the debt ceiling this summer. happening over and over and over again. when there will be if ever a grand bargain, i frankly don't know and i wouldn't bet on it given the mood in washington right now. >> and meanwhile, we should point out, projections of the we have sit for 2013 under a trillion dollars down to 845 so maybe -- >> that's another point. >> sometimes -- >> exactly. >> the other thing is immigration. obviously, you
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)